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Term & Condition of Jrtdata

  • Your activities and acquisitions at the Site are governed by the license agreement incorporated in the shareware evaluation copies of the applications licensed in registered form through the Site (which terms are incorporated into the Agreement by this reference), and this document, the conditions, notices and consents that are provided or obtained in connection with the Site Agreement. As used in the Agreement "you" are an individual acting on your own behalf, or "you" are an agent of a person or entity that has authorized you to act on that person's or entity's behalf.

    By using the Site or by placing an order through the Site, or by placing an order through any other medium for products described or made available through the Site, you agree as follows:

  • Cancellation and Refunds

    You agree that all orders placed through the Site, by electronic mail, by conventional mail or by any other medium are considered to have been processed at such time as they are received and accepted by jrtdata.com(or any of its order processing agents CCAvenue). Once your order has been processed, it may not be modified or cancelled in any way, for any reason.

    You undertake that, having placed an order, you have ensured that all the information provided to jrtdata.com in conjunction with your order is accurate and correct. You further undertake that you are the person or entity identified as the intended recipient of the product or products being ordered, or that you are acting on behalf of the person or entity so identified with the full authority of the person or entity to enter into the transaction which constitutes your order.

    You agree that in the event jrtdata.com does not receive complete payment by credit card for your order due to a dispute, insufficient funds or any other cause, jrtdata.com shall have recourse to seek payment in any manner it sees fit, subject to the laws of the jurisdiction where you reside. Further, in this eventuality, you agree to pay, in addition to the total value of your order, any reasonable cost of collection required to obtain payment for your order by jrtdata.com or its agents or representatives.

  • License

    You agree that in ordering software products from jrtdata.com, you are purchasing a license or licenses to use the software products, subject to the specific license terms of the software products. Said licenses pertain only to the version and revision level of the software products current at the time the licenses are conveyed, and do not extend to future releases or updates of the software products.

    You agree that the licenses for the software products you have ordered are deemed to be conveyed at such time as your order for the software products is processed and accepted by jrtdata.com.

    You agree that upon receipt of the software products, licenses or registration codes for the software products you have ordered, by electronic or physical media, whichever occurs first, you are deemed to have received in full the licenses for which you have paid.

  • Privacy and Security

    Your name, address, telephone number, credit card information and e-mail address will not be disclosed to third parties without your express permission or proper legal due process, except as is required to facilitate the processing of your order or subsequent related communications.

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